Cruise Myths Debunked! Four Reasons NOT To Cruise? 24 Years Of Being Afraid To Cruise

We are addicted. We are about to take our THIRD cruise in the past six months after taking ZERO the first 24 years of our marriage!

Amy shares the fears and concerns that kept her off the ship, and how she quickly realized she had nothing to fear at all!

Four cruising myths DEBUNKED!


2:05 Cruising gives you motion sickness

4:31 Cruising is boring

8:33 Cruise ships are too crowded

10:53 Cruising is too expensive

Cruising Myths Debunked

Twenty ULTIMATE Tips Before You Take Your FIRST CRUISE!

John and Amy share TWENTY ULTIMATE TIPS for you to consider before taking your FIRST CRUISE!

As they wander through the beautiful Springfield Botanical Gardens in Springfield, Missouri, they reveal what they learned on their first cruise aboard Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas!

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FIRST CRUISE SAIL AWAY DAY, The Key Program on Royal Caribbean and touring the ship!

For starters, THE KEY is a MUST when on Royal Caribbean! John and Amy reveal the amazing perks as they experience sail away on Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas!

They tour the ship, play an escape room, watch an ice show, enjoy formal night and also share what’s not really that important to pack for your cruise.

This is a fun, fast paced video filled with info perfect for first time cruisers!

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John and Amy are still lost and confused as they experience their first day on Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas—but they are having a blast!

Learn with then what to expect on the first day of your cruise as they see their stateroom for the first time, eat at Chops, a specialty dining restaurant compliments of The Key, go to the muster drill and venture out into the ship!

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FIRST CRUISE: Lost, Dazed and Confused! Royal Caribbean Cruise to the Bahamas

John and Amy head out on their FIRST CRUISE! Their first day is adventurous to say the least.

Join them on their embarkation day as they do laps around the ship, hoping to find where to drop of their luggage!

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