TPF! Travel Partners


TPF! Travel has grown to be Branson's top YouTube channel. People frequently share their entire vacation was based on TPF! Travel videos!

In fact, we've met many people who have decided to move to the area largely because of TPF! 


You can invite John and Amy to your attraction, restaurant or other business and they will film as they enjoy what you have to offer!

The entire video will be devoted to your business from the time they walk through the door until the event is over. 

Since authenticity and integrity are important to John and Amy, they will only promote businesses, services or products that they truly believe in. They are huge fans of all things Branson, and truly appreciate businesses big and small. But, if they don't promoting a particular business is in the best interest of the channel, they will kindly decline the partnership request.

  • John and Amy will need to receive complimentary admission to your attraction or a complimentary meal at your restaurant. If we are reviewing a product, we will need to receive one at no cost. If we are enjoying a service, it must be complimentary as well. Simply, no out of pocket cost should be required. 
  • If this is a kid-friendly business, John and Amy reserve the right to bring their children with them at no cost, unless specifically requested that they do not.
  • While not required, it would be beneficial if John and Amy could interview the owner or one of the managers or leaders.
  • John and Amy will need permission and flexibility to record throughout your property. If there is an area you'd prefer they don't record, please let them know up front.
  • Depending on the venue, they may use a GoPro or other camera throughout the attraction including on rides. If this isn't appropriate for safety reasons, please communicate that up front.
  • Businesses requesting a video will placed on a waiting list if John and Amy believe the opportunity is a good match. Every partnership opportunity is considered but not all are accepted.

People LOVE TPF! Travel!