🎢 🎠 Next Silver Dollar City Ride to Go? What Classic Attraction Could Be Replaced?

Mystic River Falls is replacing fan favorite Lost River of the Ozarks in 2020. Lost River of the Ozarks replaced an all time favorite, Rube Duggan's Diving Bell. Is it possible a classic Silver Dollar City ride or attraction could go next…and very soon?

Seemingly untouchable, classic rides and attractions have been replaced at Silver Dollar City before, and it's sure to happen again. John reveals five attractions that could go next and offers some exciting ideas for what could replace them.

  • The Flooded Mine
  • The American Plunge
  • The Steam Train
  • Fire In The Hole
  • Grandfather's Mansion

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Take a ride on the Silver Dollar City STEAM TRAIN!

The legendary Silver Dollar City steam train is a ride you CANNOT MISS when visiting this iconic theme park in Branson, Missouri!

Enjoy the ride on the Frisco Silver Dollar Line but watch out for train robbers!

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