FREE IN BRANSON! Dolly Parton’s Stampede’s Annual Whoadeo Family Fun Day!


Eva, are you excited about going to the Whoadeo?

Hey everybody, here we go, TPF! Trips, Places and FUN! And today we are headed over to Dolly Parton's Stampede. They have their annual Whoadeo. This is a family fun day, it's free, and so we're gonna take the kids and head off to the Whoadeo, right here in beautiful Branson, Missouri.

All right, so so we're going to the Whoadeo. We’ve got Eva, Jet and Ella right here. We're ready to rock! All right, Ella, tell us a little bit about it, what in the world are we getting ourselves into here?

Gonna go to Dixie Stampede, Dolly Parton’s Stampede, and we're gonna get some candy, we're gonna go on some bounce houses and we're just gonna have a bunch of fun. Bunch of fun! Look Jet, fun, fun, fun.

Hey guys, we are coming at you from Dolly Parton’s Stampede. They're hosting the Whoadeo today, so it's a lot of fun, it's something they do every year in the fall. I'm here with my buddy Harley, we're having tons of fun. A little known fact, I used to be a server at the Stampede, super fun job, carrying lots of heavy chicken pans, serving the guests. It was, it was a great time. So, I don't know if you all know this, but Dolly Parton has the Imagination Library that she sponsors. The Imagination Library is a great thing that they do for the community. When you have a baby you can sign up for this and your child can get a book every month until their fifth birthday, so that's pretty cool. It's a way that they encourage reading in our community. And so this event is actually put on by Dolly Parton's Imagination Library, something really, really cool, so definitely check that out in your community to see if it's available.

Yeah, good job Eva! Good job, wait a minute, what is that you go,t more candy?

Wait, you're the one that was here before. We had a discussion about this. I can't be here if you're there but you can't be there if your here. Of course, here is different in there, unlike here there not here then there is the same as here. Of course it is.

Fritz’s Adventure: We have a four-story ropes course, underground tunnels, slides that our entry are to get down on the floor, via ferrata which is our outdoor rock climbing wall, has tons of team-building, youth groups, birthday party, there's so much to do. Also most groups on the Aeroodium which is our skydiving simulator. We've got the suspended airplane, the city wall, storage containers, we have stuff that you can kind of go through, so really there is fun for everyone at any age. It's about family togetherness and fun and just overcoming fears.

Okay, so I divided up family and wait where you going little bit everything definitely a great time if you enjoy it and you want to see more please press that subscribe button hit that bell and be sure to give us a thumbs up safe travels everyone!

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