TPF Travel Sponsors

TPF! Travel Branson, Missouri 2019Advertising as a sponsor on the TPF! YouTube channel can be a fun and effective new way to let travelers know about you and your business!

John and Amy have a lot of fun, are engaging and are excited about the continued growth of the TPF! Travel Plus channel.

As the owners of Escape Code in Branson, Missouri, they are well aware of the benefit of effective and authentic marketing. 

Keep in mind, your ad won't only be seen once, on the day the video is uploaded to YouTube. YouTube is the world's second largest search engine, Google being the largest. When visitors to Branson search for things to do in the area, our video will be available for them to watch directly on YouTube.

Your business info will be included in the description of the video and in the keywords as well.

After watching a recent video or two, consider if you think John and Amy might be good spokespeople for your business, and then get in touch! 

In the early stages of the development of our channel, our rates are intentionally low and cost effective for most any business.

All sponsorships are priced per video, with price breaks available for multiple video packages.


A large percentage of the videos TPF! produces are focused on travel to the Branson, Missouri region. A smaller percentage are about various travel destinations that John and Amy visit or more general travel videos, such as tips and tricks, how to's and best of's.

You can choose the type of video you'd like to advertise on. For example, if you are a Branson restaurant or attraction or other business, you may prefer to be featured on a video specific to the Branson area.

Before the three minute mark of the video, John and Amy will break away from the topic of the day and spend approximately sixty seconds talking about your business. Pictures can be included as well. John and Amy will work hard at being absolutely genuine and excited about your business or product while remaining professional and offering an easy way for viewers to connect with you.

Since authenticity and integrity are important to John and Amy, they will only promote businesses, services or products that they truly believe in. They are huge fans of all things Branson, and truly appreciate businesses big and small. But, if they don't truly appreciate a particular business, they will kindly decline the sponsorship request.

We reserve the sole right to refuse advertising.


  • One thirty-second ad: $700
  • Five thirty-second ads: $3000
  • Ten thirty-second ads: $5000


Another fun and effective option for your business to be featured is through our partnership program. John and Amy will visit your place of business and record a review video. Learn more about partnerships HERE.

If you would like more info or would like to become a sponsor, fill out the form below.

We look forward to working with you!